BWB's Employment department launches its 2016 training programme. 

This year’s programme includes intensive half-day masterclasses, topical focused workshops and our sell-out breakfast seminars.

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We provide tailor-made training on all the legal aspects of managing staff. Clients have found this particularly useful, for example, when launching new internal policies and procedures. We can train your staff on these new materials, explaining them within the legal context, and work through how they would apply to practical scenarios. Sometimes a specific staff training need (for example, diversity training) is identified as a result of a grievance or a Tribunal claim, and we can work within whatever framework you require to meet this.

Equally, we have a number of “off the shelf” training packages which we have run very successfully for employers. These include:

  • Recruitment – the equal opportunities issues that may arise when advertising, short-listing, interviewing and appointing, dealing with CRB checks and references.
  • Equal Opportunities within the workplace – raising equal opportunities awareness and implementing good practice, handling complaints and avoiding victimisation.
  • Getting the best out of your staff – how to motivate the high-performers and manage the under-performers, using appraisals and performance management systems.
  • Managing sickness absence – techniques for addressing short-term absence, long-term sickness and disability issues (including reasonable adjustments), dealing with “issue avoidance” illness.
  • Handling investigations – how to investigate complaints and concerns by or about employees, when to suspend, dealing with anonymous allegations, preparing for disciplinary/grievance hearings.
  • Conducting disciplinary and grievance hearings – the roles of the different parties, considering the evidence, reaching findings, preparing outcomes.
  • Training staff representatives – ensuring staff representatives understand their rights and are able to engage properly in collective consultation.
  • Avoiding Employment Tribunals – addressing the common pitfalls such as failure to make reasonable adjustments, inadequate redundancy consultation, victimisation, changing terms and conditions without consent.

We also offer a “mock employment tribunal”, where participants play the role of the witnesses, and are cross-examined on their handling of contentious staff scenarios. This is excellent preparation for the real thing, or challenging training for any manager who has to take responsibility for decisions affecting staff. In addition to this training, which is focused on developing management skills, we also offer training on topical areas of employment law. Examples of these seminars include:

  • Age discrimination – the law, and its impact on practices and procedures, from recruitment to retirement.
  • Agency Workers Regulations – what the Regulations mean and how to comply with them.
  • Disability discrimination – identifying and dealing with disabilities, avoiding direct and disability-related discrimination, making reasonable adjustments.
  • Equality Act – an overview of the Act with a particular focus on the employment aspects and changes.
  • Maternity masterclass – for those who already have a good working knowledge of the law.
  • Status – who are your “employees” and “workers”? Who employs agency workers? Is anyone truly selfemployed? Why does it matter?
  • TUPE – when is there a transfer and what are the implications? What are your duties (and options) as transferor/transferee? What is the impact of outsourcing?
  • Unfair dismissal – the latest developments and avoiding the pitfalls.
  • Whistle-blowing – recognising a public interest disclosure, and dealing with it appropriately. What action can be taken in respect of a “whistle-blower”?
  • Working time – an update on working time issues, including holiday entitlements for sick workers.

Given that the participants in the training will be taking part in discussion, we usually suggest up to 20 attendees per session. Unlike many other training providers, however, we do not charge per head. Instead costs are calculated on the basis of the length of the session, where it is to be held, and the extent to which it is to be tailor-made. A half day session starts from £750 (exclusive of VAT) – which for 20 people is just £37.50 per head. We believe this represents excellent value.

All training is carried out by the solicitors in the BWB employment team, who are highly experienced in giving practical advice to employers with difficult employment problems, and defending claims as advocates in the Employment Tribunals. We believe that training should not be about theory, but about the practical application of the law to everyday situations. As practitioners who spend all our time dealing with employment law issues for our clients we are ideally placed to help train your staff in this way.

We have for many years provided in-house training to employers. The feedback we have consistently received is that our training services stand apart from those of other lawyers or indeed training providers in terms of the practical nature of the advice given, the interaction with the participants and value for money. Our training draws on our extensive day-to-day experience in advising clients about handling difficult workplace situations. Its purpose is to empower those managing staff, or advising managers, to do so confidently, with the necessary knowledge and skills.

To discuss our training services, and how these might meet your training needs (and budget), contact us on

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