In this edition of our General Election update, the BWB Politics, Elections and Campaigning law team guides parties, candidates and non-party campaigners through the minefield of the 2017 General Election:

  • Simon Steeden and Rosamund McCarthy explore the rules governing third party campaigning before an election, and their effects on charities and campaigning organisations.
  • Melanie Carter and Jess Collings explain that public bodies need to take particular care when making decisions in the pre-election period.
  • Rupert Earle and Andrew Wheelhouse examine the restrictions on advertising during the election period and the measures in place to prevent parties and candidates spinning their way to power.
  • Charities need to be aware of the distinction between employee and volunteer time. Lucy McLynn explains how to adhere to the provisions of the Lobbying Act.
  • Rupert Earle and Ross Allan outline how the law seeks to strike a balance between upholding freedom of expression and preventing the circulation of untrue information during election time.
  • We introduce the members of the Politics, Elections and Campaigning law team.

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Simon Steeden


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Rosamund McCarthy


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Melanie Carter

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Rupert Earle

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Lucy McLynn

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Posted on 15/05/2017 in Legal Updates

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