Company Secretarial Manager

Cecile is a charity lawyer, trainer and author, trustee and volunteer. Proud to be helping charities and other organisations to make a difference for good.

Cecile’s work supports charities, social enterprises and other ‘not-for-profit’ and civil society organisations throughout the UK.

Cecile is a Professional Subscriber of ICSA (The Governance Institute) and the co-tutor for the ICSA (The Governance Institute) Certificate in Charity Law and Governance.

A regular speaker at conferences, seminars and other events, Cecile’s current published titles include:

  • Charity Checklists (ICSA Publishing)
  • How to Run a Charity (ICSA Publishing)
  • Charity Law and Governance: A Practical Guide (ICSA Publishing) (co-author)
  • Charities Administration Service (Lexis Nexis - Jordan Publishing) (author and one of the general editors)
  • Jordans Company Secretarial Precedents (Lexis Nexis - Jordan Publishing) (co-author)
  • Charities and Not-for-Profit Entities: Law and Practice (Wildy, Simonds & Hill)

In her “spare” time, Cecile is a charity volunteer and charity trustee. A lifelong Bristol City Football Club fan, she also enjoys classical music and birdwatching - and loves showing members of the public the magnificent peregrine falcons that breed in the Avon Gorge.