Associate Director, Advisory and Impact


Katie is an experienced managing consultant and heads up BWB Advisory and Impact's Strategy practice. Katie works part-time for BWB Advisory and Impact and also holds an Honorary research role at University College London (UCL), most recently leading research on governance and policy for sustainable cities as part of the multi-disciplinary Liveable Cities research programme.

One of Katie's strengths is to understand the impact that external events, influences and social trends will have on a client's business model. Strategic development projects and governance reviews form a significant part of Katie's project portfolio. As well as leading projects that are wholly concerned with strategy or governance issues, Katie also contributes to projects where it is important to 'test and challenge' the strategic fit of a proposed solution, or where there are strategic choices to be made which will benefit from market or contextual analysis.


Katie’s work at BWB is varied, but always with a strong strategic element. She has, for example, let feasibility studies for new service provision (including a diabetes prevention programme (DPP) to complement the National programme offered through the NHS); undertaken governance reviews, enabling clients to make pragmatic operational improvements, increasing both efficiency and effectiveness; written research reports and recommendations, including a proposal for improvement in the provision model for victims of Domestic Violence.

Her previous career covered multiple sectors and industries, including professional bodies, financial services firms and IT service providers, as well as holding a research post at UCL. Katie is particularly interested in understanding the unique culture, values and capabilities of each organisation she works with and developing a strategy or solution that takes account of these.

Her work has ranged from small team performance improvement to strategic transformation programmes in large corporates, and she is highly skilled in adapting approaches, tools and techniques from one sector or scale of working to another. Many of Katie's projects involve an element of organisational and cultural change, and she has many years' experience of successful change delivery.

Examples of Recent Work

  • Worked with a major construction company to deliver and refine a UK-wide internal scrutiny system. An initial period of observation helped ensure that tools were developed to fit in with current practice, and generated additional insight and responsiveness. Katie is now working with senior management to ensure that this insight is heard in the right places and used effectively, and that the tools are improved with the benefit of user experience.
  • Katie performed a local area Needs Analysis for a local authority looking to restructure its leisure services. Her synthesis of diverse sources of information and intelligence about the social, economic and environmental needs of the area, augmented with interviews and workshop-based research, enabled her to challenge – and ultimately strengthen – strategic alignment of pecific aspects of the proposal whilst validating the overall concept.
  • Working with an insurance company, Katie performed a 'rapid response' opportunity, impact and options analysis following regulatory change within the Payment Protection Insurance market. Her analysis led directly to improved risk mitigation and management, as well as identifying the opportunity to develop a new product more closely aligned to customer needs.

Qualifications, etc

  • MA (Cantab) – Degree in Modern languages (French and German) from Cambridge University
  • FRSA – Fellow of the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce)
  • Honorary Research Associate at University College London (UCL)
  • ACMI – Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Management
  • ITIL qualified – IT Service Management Practitioner

Outside of work, Katie is a keen choral singer and prolific reader, but also enjoys spending time outdoors walking and sailing. She is a trustee and director of Setpoint London East, a charity whose aim is to inspire young people in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) through the provision of hands-on workshops, made affordable to local schools.