Employment Insight: Achieving cultural change in the workplace – are we moving or standing still? >

The results of a recent poll conducted by ACAS suggest that the current political stalemate is matched by a degree of frustration in the workplace over the slow pace of change to attitudes and culture. Workers report that their number one concern remains balancing work and home life (53%). However, the majority (63%) think flexible working arrangements will stay about the same in the next year.

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Landmark judgment on worker status confirms another huge success for Bates Wells' Employment team >

In November 2017, the Employment Appeal Tribunal upheld the Employment Tribunal’s decision that the Claimants in this case, all of whom are current or former London-based Uber drivers, were “workers” and consequently entitled to basic protections such as national minimum wage and holiday pay. Uber’s appeal against this decision was heard in the Court of Appeal at the end of October 2018.

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Employment Knowhow: Contract of employment >

All employees must have a written contract of employment, which must contain certain minimum information. However, parties can (and should) carefully consider what other terms they want to include in their employment contracts. Whilst such terms are optional, they provide clarity and structure to the employment relationship.

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Employment Knowhow: Restrictive covenants >

Most employers wish to protect their confidential information, customer and client details or other information about their business, especially with departing employees. One of the ways to do this is for employers to insert clauses into contracts of employment, usually for senior employees or those with unfettered access to such information, which seek to restrict the conduct and activities of that individual after the termination of their employment.

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