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Legacies Roundup | March 2019 >

In our March 2019 edition of Legacies Roundup, we consider the recently reported case of Ellott v Cimarron UK Ltd, examine the possible effects of Brexit on legacy giving, and take a look at the issues surrounding post-death access to digital assets.

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Legacies Roundup | December 2018 >

In our last Legacies Roundup of 2018, we consider the government’s proposal to increase probate fees and what it means for the charity sector, take a look at HMRC’s review of the taxation of trusts, and look back at some of the other issues legacy professionals have had to tackle this year.

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Charities and legacy fraud >

Charity Fraud Awareness Week gave us all a lot to think about. One area that charities should not overlook is legacy fraud. We all know that legacies are a vital source of income for charities, and last year saw legacy income at a record high. 

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Legacy blog: Risks and opportunities in legacy fundraising >

Bates Wells recently partnered with the Institute of Fundraising for its Legacy Fundraising Conference 2018. When I was asked to speak on the issue of contested wills, I wanted to celebrate the brilliant work done by charities and charity fundraisers, whilst providing practical guidance to avoid that work being undermined by the ever-increasing number of challenges to gifts left to charities by will.

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Legacies Roundup | September 2018 >

In this Legacies Roundup we touch on the findings in Smee & Ford’s latest Legacy Trends 2018 report, consider the key issues and things to think about if your charity is left a gift of property, and take a look at issues relating to disclosure of information in the context of 1975 Act claims and Larke v Nugus requests.

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Legacies Roundup | June 2018 >

In this edition of the Legacies Roundup, we reflect on recent legacy events including the ILM Conference 2018 and the Legacy Strategy Summit, review recent cases on beneficiaries’ rights to information and the test for testamentary capacity, and discuss how to ease into the now in-force GDPR with a useful article covering key issues for legacy professionals.

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Charity Legacy Case Study: Case Roundup >

This case highlights the importance that the relevant charity or charities not only consider the likely prospects of successfully challenging the validity of the will but ensure that other factors, such as what the likely costs will be, are considered too.

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Charity Legacy Resources: Executors - communication and costs >

The tumbleweed that often emanates from an executor in response to a request for an update is a common source of frustration amongst charity legacy officers. Why can’t they keep you updated? How hard is it to check in on a regular basis? This article will look at executors, their communication (or lack thereof!) and their costs, and consider what remedies charity beneficiaries have available to them.

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Legacies Roundup | December 2017 >

As 2017 draws to a close, this edition of BWB’s Legacies Roundup looks back on a busy and eventful year in charity legacies, and forward to what’s already promising to be another one with the introduction of GDPR.

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Legacies Roundup | April 2017 >

In this edition of Legacies Roundup we draw out some of the key issues covered by our speakers at the seminar, including how data protection issues impact legacy fundraising and legacy management, and the challenges faced by legacy professionals when dealing with vulnerable people. We also discuss the latest (and most welcome) news on the scrapping of the proposed increase in Probate Court fees and reflect on the end of the Ilott v Mitson journey.

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