Applications for Vacation Placements in 2019 are now closed.

We will be offering 12 two week placements during Easter and Summer 2019 as part of our recruitment process for Training Contracts commencing in August 2021. If you are committed to applying for a trainee post at Bates Wells Braithwaite we strongly advise you to consider applying for our vacation placements. We also run a separate trainee recruitment process working side by side with the vacation placement, however your chances of success are likely to be greater through the vacation placement application route. This is because we have the opportunity to see you for 2 weeks, and you to see us and having invested that time, successful students on our vacation placement will be fast-tracked to the final interview stage.

Vacation Placements and the Main Recruitment Process

If you apply for a vacation placement you will not be able to apply for a Training Contract through our main recruitment process.

Our Easter vacation placement scheme will run from 23 April to 3 May 2019. Our Summer vacation placement scheme will run for 4 weeks from week commencing 3 June 2019. Both vacation placement schemes will be for 4 candidates per two weeks.

The process for trainee recruitment is set out in the Application Process page under the "Training Contracts" section of this website. We follow an identical route for selecting individuals to take part on our vacation placements. This involves an initial screening test, if successful, a critical thinking test and, for those who do sufficiently well in the test, you will also be invited to attend a short interview at the office. There is not an assessment day for vacation placements.

Your Vacation Placement – What happens?

We will do whatever we can to accommodate your date requirements within the Easter and Summer vacation placement period. 

Your time with us will normally consist of being allocated to a Solicitor within your allocated department. You will be welcomed on your first morning by the Training Principal and the Trainee Recruitment Advisor. You will then attend a short induction before meeting your seat supervisors. We ask the departments to ensure that the whole department is involved in offering you interesting opportunities to see the life of the department in that week. During the week you will be taken out to lunches with the Training Principal and the trainees. There will also be an opportunity for informal drinks with our current trainees.

The Assessment Process

During your time with us, you will undertake assessments to be considered for a training contract with the firm. If successful, you will be asked back to the firm in July for a final interview with the Managing Partner and another Partner at the firm.  If you are not invited to a final interview, then unfortunately this is the end of the recruitment process for you.